master hooligans

We scored a victory for the forces of anarchy and happy children over the evil gatelockers of Snottsdale!!

The gates are everywhere.  I sorta get it, but mostly i don’t.  The security and privacy is trivial compared to the low-level noise waiting to get into and out of my neighborhood, occasionally almost getting run over by someone coming in the wrong way, having to explain to a 4 yr old, going an extra quarter mile through crickers to the trail. The ambient temperature here is 2 degrees cooler than the rest of the Valley, the chill coming off the neighbors.

A few weeks ago we ended up in the McDowell Mtn Ranch pool, not the Aquatic Center, the hoa pool.  We were in the playground, door was open, swim suit was on…why not?  Its smaller and neighborhoody and kids can bring toys and its open late. Its a different vibe to the AqCenter, and G needs different vibes.  Both of them do, Alana also growing with each new pool, each new repetition of sideways learning and fun. You need a swipe card to get out, or a quick hello neighbor. I don’t necessarily condone these techniques, but it was damn fun!

Last week i moved heaven and earth to pick them up early and goto the pool, which was closed due to some toxic chlorine siteeation – some funk in da pool that Scottsdale opts to kill instant along with anything in its path – how can i complain for $120 a summer?  But the kids were so sad…  Again we poached an open door, and the new reactions from both of them to a new pool was amazing.  G was shook by the size, but soon went to the bottom with me when she figured out the dimensions.  Alana asceneded and descended Indiana Jones and the Watery Steps of Doom style. Toys, balls, romping little girls in a big pool making friends with all the neighbors. We got a look at the gate, we figured out how to crack it, it only takes a butter knife, we’re golden. I don’t necessarily condone these techniques, but it was damn fun!

and she found $20, floating in the pool. thats like a gift card, welcoming us to our swim. what a fathers day gifl!

G is a freedom fighter, developing her own system for making her own chocolate milk


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