That’s cool but if my friends ask where you are I’m gonna say

This kind of goodness has gotten so easy the family is bored and wants to go to Italy. #FWP.

Cinder blocks are not something ever known to be in short supply in Rocky Point?

Little tailgate before watching the Eagles. I appreciate the sports bar and the Sam’s Club more than any other americanization

I named the DH runs. This one is Speckles

And this is Spots; it has four booters

Low tide brought a 6-ft shelf in the estuary

Hard to see, but this bird’s beak was as big as its body

i dont know what this was, but I’m glad it didn’t eat me

butterflies everywhere

Soy es Alejandro

We have this new family psyche song

and we went up to Flagstaff to prove it

Bear Jaw – Abineau Loop

do you see the Grand Canyon?

Drove down Oak Creek Canyon the next day, to show everyone Hangover. Beckie and the kids have never seen anything like this masterpiece. The awe motivated all of our tired legs, mostly enough balance. Alana and I both were getting woozy on the backside. Can’t believe I cleaned as much of this as I did last time in about 2010, I’ve ridden so little gnar since my knee surgery.

To keep the hiking small after yesterday, we crawled the truck 3 miles up Schnebly Hill to the Cow Pies lot in the background, and after I hiked back up the road for the vehicle. That sucked.

Dip in Oak Creek under Midgley Bridge

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